APC|M 2018: Brooks Instrument Technology Expert to Speak About New Mass Flow Controller With Self-Diagnostics

GF125 mass flow controller
Newly enhanced GF125 mass flow controller from Brooks Instrument

HATFIELD, Pa. (April 9, 2018) – Mohamed Saleem, Chief Technology Officer at Brooks Instrument, will deliver a technical presentation titled “Advanced Mass Flow Controllers With EtherCAT® Communication Protocol and Embedded Self-Diagnostics” at the European Advanced Process Control and Manufacturing (APC|M) conference April 16-18 in Dresden, Germany.

Saleem’s presentation takes place during Session One on Monday, April 16, at 4:15 p.m.

He will discuss test results that show how Brooks Instrument’s self-diagnostics technology and advanced self-monitoring algorithms in the GF125 mass flow controller provide superior predictive maintenance capabilities, process gas accuracy and repeatability.

Building on the company’s proven GF Series of MFCs with EtherCAT connectivity for high-speed communications, the newly enhanced GF125 MFC features embedded self-diagnostics that automatically detect sensor drift and valve leak-by to help minimize tool downtime and improve process yield. As a result, the enhanced GF125 can run leak and drift self-diagnostics without interrupting process flow steps or requiring any hardware changes, thereby improving process gas accuracy and wafer production throughput.

APC|M is directed to manufacturers, suppliers and the scientific community of semiconductor, photovoltaic, LED, flat panel, MEMS and other related industries. The topics are focused on current challenges and future needs of advanced process control and manufacturing effectiveness.

Brooks Instrument is a world leader in advanced flow, pressure, vacuum and vapor delivery solutions.

“With more than 70 years of history in new technology developments, our company is focused on improving the precision and performance of mass flow, pressure and vacuum technologies to help enable advanced semiconductor manufacturing and address the challenges involved with next-generation production tools and processes,” Saleem said.

For more information about the complete range of Brooks Instrument products and solutions for semiconductor applications, visit www.brooksinstrument.com.

EtherCAT® is a registered trademark and licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH

About Brooks Instrument:

Since 1946, Brooks Instrument has been a leader in precision fluid measurement and control technology. Providing instrumentation for flow, pressure and vaporization, the company serves customers in semiconductor manufacturing; fiber optic and thin film manufacturing; solar cell, LED, alternative energy, oil and gas refining; chemical and petrochemical research; and pharmaceutical and biopharmaceuticals.

With manufacturing, sales, and service locations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Brooks Instrument has the world’s largest installed base of mass flow controllers. Its broad family of products includes legacy brands such as UNIT Instruments, Tylan, Key Instruments, and Celerity.

For more information, please visit www.BrooksInstrument.com. The company is also on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/company/Brooks-Instrument) and YouTube (www.youtube.com/user/Brooks407).