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Brooks Recognized in Readers’ Choice Awards

March 11th, 2011

The industry has spoken, and as a result, Brooks received multiple honors in Control Global’s recent Readers’ Choice Awards! We earned three top marks in flow measurement, a supplier category with arguably the most detailed applications expertise and domain knowledge required in any category of the awards.

We placed No.1 in the category of Variable Area Flowmeter and No. 2 in Postive Displacement Flowmeter. We came in No. 3 in the category of Thermal Mass Flowmeter.

“We are honored to be recognized by Control Global’s Readers’ Choice Awards,” said Clark Hale, chief executive officer of Brooks Instrument. “Some of the most rewarding feedback comes from industry experts like these who work with Brooks on a regular basis.”

The winners were selected by Control Global’s print and digital readers in an unaided (with no preselected choices presented) survey, representing a collective opinion of more than 1,000 automation professionals.

To read more about this year’s awards, click here.

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